hg0088开户投注 It’s been viewed more than 4.7 million times.

By Maya Gandara
May 16, 2020 @ 9:00 am
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TikTok has no doubt risen in popularity over the past months, and it’s taken several beauty products to the top with it. While each video post may be short and direct, many have put thousands of loyal followers behind anything from self-tanning drops to purple shampoo. Since the platform has become the latest avenue for discovering the next beauty craze, it’s no surprise that yet another product has seen a surge in success since its video debut.

isn’t a newbie to the beauty scene; its buttery stole the hearts of skincare lovers everywhere long ago. Now, the brand’s body exfoliator has taken the reins. TikTok user @missbriiiice featured the scrub in one of , claiming that after struggling with — a skin condition that affects up to 40 percent of adults worldwide — the $12 skincare product has been the only thing to alleviate her symptoms.

hg0088开户投注“If you’ve got those little bumps on the back of your arm, this is the video for you,” she says. After trying anything from visiting the dermatologist to expensive skincare, @missbriiiice has solely relied on this scrub for two years now.

hg0088开户投注The video has acquired over 4.7 million views, causing sales for the to triple in just two weeks. And while the fan base for this affordable body product has recently soared, it had a trusty following from the beginning with over 200 five-star reviews from Ulta shoppers.

Even if you do not suffer from keratosis pilaris, will smooth over dry elbows and shins, or just about anywhere on your body that is experiencing dryness. The subtle scents of rose, jasmine, peach, and strawberry add a nice addition to your showers.

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